How many times a day do we find ourselves sitting alone in a room searching social media for what we think are connections to our friends and family? We search for likes.  We look for friends. We hope for connections.  How many times do we look at a picture posted on our social media page and feel great about how many likes it got?  And then it is super exciting when we get an actual comment!  Wow…someone took the time to give a 14-character comment because they liked the picture!

50 new friends. 100 hearts. 1000 likes.  How does that really make you feel?  Here is a truth: none of these are making real connections. And therefore, the opposite affect happens.  We feel less connected.  We feel less liked.  And we feel like those who we thought were real friends, just might not be.

The way to make real connections, with real people, in real life, is to actually connect with them.  That perhaps sounds a little rhetorical, but it is the truth.


But how does one go about doing so, in today’s world of social media and social network frenzies?  PRISM Networking has come up with a solution.  PRISM has created the ability and methodology to teach and train people on how to make real connections.  It will take some practice and dedication to complete the 5-Minute PRISM Methodology every day. But the result will be that you will have more connections, and more friends, and more joy in your life.  You will gain genuine friendships and build a meaningful network of people, who truly care about you.

At PRISM we believe that making genuine connections with real people is so important today that is why we built an entire company with that sole purpose in mind. One of PRISM’s missions is to help people create meaningful relationships for life.  Because 10 genuine friendships is much more important than 1000 social media likes.

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